Sustainability is important to me at Alder & Ash.  As such, the woods I choose are from UK timber yards renowned for their environmentally friendly sourcing process, using sustainable forests from around the UK, Europe and the wider world.

I offer two ranges of woods to choose from.  Our Standard range contains traditional carpentry woods.  These woods bring a classical aesthetic to your board, reminiscent of traditional joinery we know and love.

Our Special Reserve range takes things to the exotic.  I have hand-picked a selection of guaranteed stunning exotic hardwoods to make your board something truly unique.  Click on each image to learn a little more.

Just a note: all images below are for reference.  As all pieces will vary, so will the grain.  But I will ensure you get the best looking piece I can find.

If there's a specific wood you'd like you board made of that isn't listed here, simply message me and let me know, and I'll be happy to source it for you.



An open-grained, pale wood.  Tactile and underrated.

Striking cathedrals, beautiful waves.  Maple is a timeless classic

The true traditional.  Tight lights to large cathedrals, with sweeping accents throughout

With hues to brown to red, Cherry ages incredibly well.

The 'simple' grain belies the true nature of mahogany.  Riddled with speckles and often subtle flaming

Is this the greatest wood ever?  You decide.  (It is, by the way)

Special Reserve

Flamed Maple

I'll just let the visuals do the talking.
Panga Panga

Very straight, tight grain.  Similar to Wenge, with a lighter brown hue.

Deep, dark and rich.  Tight, straight grain.  Works very well contrasting a light second wood
Quilted Maple

Textures and highlights galore.
Fairly difficult to get; please email first.
Spalted Sycamore

High contrast, sweeping patterns.  Spalted woods are visually captivating.

Dark and light entwined.  Sounds like something from Star Wars, but so much more