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A Little About Me

I started up Alder and Ash Pedalboards from a desire to bring more life and individuality to our pedalboards.  Though there's nothing wrong with the standard boards, there's a distinct lack of creativity and simple aesthetics.  So I took my love of luthiery and carpentry and applied it to one thing we all love - pedals.

All of the woods I use are sourced within the UK, whether direct from source, or from UK based timber yards that import the more exotic woods.  All of the parts are also sourced from UK businesses, helping to support small and local businesses wherever I can.

An Overview of my boards:

All of the boards are 100% hardwood (well, the frame).  I never use veneers or laminate.  The frames are all hand sanded, and finished with Tru Oil - similar to Danish Oil, it's a linseed / polyurethane hybrid, giving the aesthetics of oil, with the protection of poly.  The top and base boards are made from 12 and 9mm birch ply (respective), finished with a tough acrylic paint.  

As standard, all boards come with 1 audio in, 1 audio out and an IEC.  All of these have their respective cables already installed; you can literally plug-and-play when it arrives!  I use PedalPatch solderless cables for the audio sockets - a UK company making probably the most reliable solderless cable and plugs I've ever used! Check them out for making up your patch leads.

As I hand build all of these on my own, every aspect is customisable.  You can combine different woods to make something truly unique, add all of the connections your specific rig needs, customise the case, size, top features (slot placement, cutouts etc)....literally, any aspect can be customised.  Check the order form in the Custom page for more details.

Thank you for visiting my site.  It truly means a lot that musicians from all over the world take an interest in my work.  I hope to hear from you soon, and look forward to building - what many customers have named it - your last pedalboard.

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