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Care & FAQ


All of our board frames are finished in Tru Oil (a polyurethane / linseed oil mix), with the top boards finished in polyurethane varnish, providing a hardy coating against knocks and bangs.  But remember, this is still wood!  So anything too hard WILL dent it.

General care tips:

- Treat like any piece of furniture; clean it with polish and a soft cloth. 

- Avoid exposure to high humidity and direct water (this can cause the wood to warp and velcro to peel). 

- If spillage occurs, wipe clean & dry immediately. 

- When removing pedals, try to roll the pedal off, rather than lifting it straight up.  This will protect the velcro fabric.

- Be gentle in removing audio jacks / other connections.  Pushing / pulling too hard can damage the contacts.

- Above all - if nothing else at all! - enjoy it!


- "How long is the build time?" - Currently, built times for custom & commission orders is 12 weeks minimum.

- "Why is the build time so long?" - I build boards in my spare time.  At the moment, I work 2.5 days a week at a "proper" job.  I'm also a father - parents out there know what I mean - so time for building is, sadly, limited.  However, I do work as quickly as I can, in order to hit any given deadline.


- "What's the difference between The Journeyman and The Earl?" - In essence, not much.  The Journeyman is a fixed-sized version of the Earl.  Both feature a hinged top board, fixed base, audio & IEC sockets and a case.  The size of The Earl is customisable, whereas the Journeyman is not.

- "I use a switcher (G2, ES8 etc).  Which is the best model to use?" - In short, any of them (except The Duke).  If you want a flat board, The Esquire 24x14" should be a good start.  For a tapered board, The Earl, The Journeyman, The Tailor and The Tailor Pro are all great options.  Each can be customised with a cutout for the controller, so it sits flat for a more ergonomic feel.  The Earl, Tailor & Tailor Pro's size options allow for compact -> massive "Mothership" boards.  The Journeyman & Grande are sized to snuggly fit a G2 or ES8, with space for more than enough pedals.

- "Where's a good place to get examples of the tolex?" - Either the GOTB galleries or my Instagram feed.  I post photos of all the boards I make on Instagram.  You can also look through for examples, if what you want isn't listed.

- "Do I have to have a case?" - No, of course not.  If you want a board purely for home or studio use, let me know, and I'll send you a quote for the board without a case.

- "What are the payment options?" - There are a few.  If the options on the site cover everything you need, simply complete your order through the online store.  Here, you will have the option of using Stripe (an online payment platform) or PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use this option.


If you want something custom, not covered by the site options, then I will send you a customised invoice.  This is payable via PayPal.

You can also split your payment 50/50 (half upfront, half on completion, before shipping).  This will be done via a custom invoice, with payment via PayPal.

- "Can I customise the size?" - As mentioned above, yes you can.  The only boards where the size is not customisable are the Journeyman, Journeyman Grande and The Duke (for now).  Any other can be.  Simply email me and we'll discuss your needs, and the options available.

- "Can I have one for free?" No.  In all seriousness, this business supports my family.  I need to pay bills, just like the rest of the world.  However, artist / musician / trade discounts are available, at my discretion.

- "Do you do Artist / Endorsement discounts?" - Yes.  There are several brackets of discount available.  If you are interested, please do email me, and we'll discuss if they are applicable.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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