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All of our board frames are finished in Tru Oil (a polyurethane / linseed oil mix), with the top boards finished in polyurethane varnish, providing a hardy coating against knocks and bangs.  But remember, this is still wood!  So anything too hard WILL dent it.

General care tips: Treat like any piece of furniture; clean it with polish and a soft cloth.  Avoid exposure to high humidity and direct water (this can cause the wood to warp and velcro to peel).  If spillage occurs, wipe clean & dry immediately.  Above all - if nothing else at all! - enjoy it!



- "I love the design, but I don't need a hinged top." In that case, you will want The Gentleman, available through our store.  The Gentleman has the same choice of hardwoods as The Earl.  And why not try The Gentleman: Special Reserve.

- "I love the design, but I'd really like a hinged lid."  In that case, you'll want The Earl.  I has the same wood choices as the Gentleman, but comes with a hinged lid and fixed base as standard.

- "I really like the hinged lid boards.  Can you fit one to the flat boards?"  Unfortunately not.  The internal height is too small (2' or 50mm) which doesn't allow for the hinges and a base board.  You should consider The Earl, available through the store.


- "Can I make any adjustments?" Of course.  Drop us an email at if there are any alterations you'd like to make, or if there's something you want that isn't on the site.

- "
How long will I have to wait for my board?"  Standard build time is 8-10 weeks for all non-stock orders, depending on our suppliers' stock.  We keep you updated at every stage of the build, so you'll know where we are at all times.


- "How much space is in your flightcase?" All of our cases - flight or hard - are built with 70mm clearance above the height of the board.  This should allow for pretty much any pedal to be mounted anywhere on the board.  All of our cases are lined with egg-foam in the lid to protect even the tallest of pedals.

- "What are the dimensions of the boards?" All of our Gentleman and Earl boards are 2" (50mm) high at the front edge, and 4" (100mm) at the back.  Beneath the board you will have 29mm to 79mm to mount anything you so wish.  Full dimensions depend on the size you order.  The Esquire has a 38mm clearance underneath.

- "How much is shipping?"  UK mainland is free.  Mainland Europe is £25, and the rest of the world is £60.  All are tracked, signed for courier delivery.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

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