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Protecting your pedals is as important as how they sound.  My hardcases provide the perfect level of protection for local and national gigging, or just to stop the pets and kids from getting anything unwanted on your board.

Cases are available with all of our boards, via their product pages.  If you would like a case for your own board - whatever the brand - just drop me an email.

New for 2022

You can now upgrade your hardcase from the standard lid to a Duchess styled case.  Fully enclose your board in a customised hardcase, ideal for all outings and musical adventures.

Available for all models.  Please message me if you'd like to upgrade


- 9 & 12mm birch ply, dovetail joinery

- Removable hinged top with over-latches

- Carpet lined for protection

Custom Finish

You can customise the finish of your case to perfectly suit your board.  

You can choose from a large range of tolex and tweed combinations, select the colour of the piping, the leather handle & straps, and even the corners.

If there's something you want that isn't listed, you need only email me, and I'll source it for you.


Professional Hardware

All cases are finished with Penn Elcom corners and high density rubber feet.  Penn are world-renowned experts in flightcase components.  Their parts are designed for the rigours of touring, so you can feel safe in their hands.

Tight and Secure.jpg

Dovetail Construction

Just like all of my frames, the cases are constructed with dovetails.  This improves stability and strength, ensuring the best protection for your board and pedals.


Tight & Secure

I design each case to its own board.  This ensures the fit is perfect, offering maximum protection.  

The leather straps hold everything snuggly in place.  Don't be fooled by their appearance; each is capable of holding over 5kg, so with 4 holding your board in, it won't be going anywhere.

Standard Specifications:

12mm sides,, 9mm lid birch ply

Dovetail Joinery

Your Choice of Tolex & Tweed

80mm Clearance above board frame

Penn Elcom carpet lining

Penn Elcom protective corners

Leatherette Handle

Leather Retaining Straps

Tolex & Tweed Options:

Standard Tolex:

Black | Cream | Brown | Blue | Vox Fawn

Custom Tolex:

Baby Blue | Purple | Fender Tweed | Wine Taurus


Black | Grey | Cream | Blue | Dark Brown | Maroon | Pink

Please note that exact colour / hue may be different, as all monitors display colours differently.  Due to international shipping issues, some materials may be unavailable when building your board.  Please have a back-up in mind, just in case.


Black Tolex


Cream Tolex

Fender Brown

Fender Brown Tolex

Navy Blue

Blue Tolex

Vox Fawn

Vox Fawn Tolex

Fender Tweed*

Wine Taurus


Baby Blue

Fender Tweed.jpeg
Purple Tolex.jpeg
Baby Blue Tolex.webp

* Fender Tweed incurs a £50 surcharge



Blue Tweed


Cream Tweed


Grey Tweed


Maroon Tweed


Black Tweed


Pink Tweed


Brown Tweed


Black Leather

Black Leather Corners

Black Metal

Black Corners

Brown Leather

Brown Leather Corners

Silver Metal

Silver Corners

Tan Leather

Tan Leather Corners


Black Handle
Tan Handle
Brown Handle




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