Chris Buck

Model: The Journeyman

Chris has been voted one of the greatest guitarists alive today.  Currently he holds the title of the Best Blues Guitarist from MusicRadar.

Check out his Friday Fretworks on Youtube, and his band Buck & Evans' album "Write A Better Day"

YouTube: Search "Buck and Evans"

Seth Rosenbloom
Model: The Tailor Pro

Seth is a blistering blues guitarist, hailing from the good ol' USA.  Heralded as "a slightly younger and rawer version of Matt Schofield" (by Blues PowR Blog), his playing, songwriting and vocals elevate him to the top of modern blues musicians.

Check out his Instagram page for quick lick demos & challenges, and be sure to get his TrueFire course.

Seth Rosenbloom.jpeg

Joe Coombs
Model: The Earl

Joe is one of the UK's fastest up-coming session guitarists.  Known for his smooth, soulful playing, exceptional writing, and a rig to die for!

Joe spends most of his time touring with numerous artists around the UK and Europe.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram for tour updates, and gear shots to envy.

Sam Bell
Model: The Journeyman

Sam is a renowned and respected session guitarist, teacher and reviewer.  Currently he works with WeAreWaterBear College in Brighton, Guitar Interactive Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine and Lick Library. 

Accolades include videos on Andertons TV, working for Ibanez, Boss, Focusrite and Laney.

Check out his YouTube and Instagram for hints, tips and dates of his solo shows.


Dipswitch Demos
Model: The Tailor Pro

Jackson is one of the UKs top gear demoers on YouTube.  Releasing new videos more or less each week, his production rivals high budget channels, accompanied by some incredible songwriting.

Be sure to watch his video detailing the build of his board, and his follow up video asking if a big board is a good idea.

YouTube Search: Dipswitch Demos

Steve Down

Model: The Gentleman

Steve is a session musician of another level.  His repertoire includes KT Tunstall, Sandi Thom, Channel 4, Sony, Universal, The National Theatre and numerous (continuing) world tours with Joss Stone.

Besides touring - a lot - Steve has his own band, The Swiss, and offers lessons via Skype.


Paddy Blight

Model: The Gentleman

Paddy is a pro session guitarist and bassist.  Recently, he can be seen playing bass on That Pedal Show, alongside Matt Schofield and several top-class guitarists (plus Dan & Mick).

Fidelity Guitars

Model: The Earl

Matt of Fidelity Guitars is a master luthier, and I don't say that lightly.  His designs are unique, from the Double Standard to the Stellarosa, they have graced stages around the world.  Most recently, one was seen in the hands of none-other than Dave Grohl.

Matt's board can be seen at trade shows around the UK.  If you get the chance, you must try one of them.



Model: The Earl

Boss really need no introduction.  Their compact pedals are legendary, and their new products are taking the guitar-playing world by storm.

Their first Earl was featured on the release video and tour of the 500 Series pedals.  Their second & third boards are housed at their Artist Showroom at Metropolis Studios, London.  Their fourth board was used for touring the full Waza range, and is still wondering around out there, somewhere.  And their fifth is now own by Rabea Massaad.  This features a unique tier, full wiring and custom connections.