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The Tailor Pro

Dress to Impress

The Tailor Pro is the perfect blend on The Tailor and the hardwood range of boards.  Endless combinations await, choosing from the range of traditional hardwoods and the selection of tolexs.  Expanding on the Tailor, The Tailor Pro features a 5" tall frame, giving more space inside and easier reach to the pedals at the back.

Stand apart from the hum-drum black; be seen.

Custom Finish

You can customise the finish of your board to perfectly suit your tastes.  Match your amps or your band's colours, or go for something truly unique.  

You can choose from a large range of hardwood and tolex combinations, select the colour of the piping.

If there's something you want that isn't listed, you need only email me, and I'll source it for you.


Hinged Top Board

As with all of my tapered boards, The Tailor Pro features a hinged top board.  This gives access to the space inside for power supplies, cable routing and even more pedals.

Switcher user?  Add a cutout to recess the switcher in the frame, for a more comfortable playing position, and hide all of those "set and forget" pedals inside.


Dovetail Construction

Just like all of my frames, hidden beneath the tolex, The Tailor Pro is constructed with dovetails.  This improves stability and strength, ensuring the best platform for your pedals.


Plug & Play

The Tailor Pro comes with audio in & out and power inlet pre-installed.  All you need do is wire in your pedals, and you're good to go.

Additional custom connections - XLR, MIDI, USB etc - are available via the Accessories page.

Standard Specifications:

18mm birch ply & hardwood frame

Dovetail Joinery

Your choice of tolex & tweed (tweed on case)

Audio In & Out installed

IEC-thru installed (C14 ext, C13 int)

Hinged 12mm birch ply top board

104mm max internal clearance

Provided with 2m Velcro self-adhesive Loop

Matching case included

Choose Your Size

18.5x13 Small.png
18.5x13 Loaded Small.png
24x14 Small copy.png
24x14 Loaded Small.png
28x16 Small copy.png
28x16 Loaded Small copy.png
36x18 Small copy.png
36x18 Loaded Small copy.png
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