Special Reserve: exotic hardwood for a unique board


At 28x16", this Tailor Pro can host the full array of Strymons, a plethora of standard pedals, and a switcher to control them all.  With space inside for your power supply and more pedals, this is a great size for those who need more, without taking over the room completely.


Internal height stands at around 104mm (a little over 4"), tapering down to the front.


The hardcase is included in the price.  Just choose your tolex & tweed.


Audio in & out, and the IEC inlet are also included.  These have the associated cables internally, so you can simply plug and play.


Additional sockets - XLR, USB, MIDI etc - are available via the Accessories page.


Custom sizes are available.  Please drop me a message via the Custom page if you'd like to discuss a custom build.

The Tailor Pro Special Reserve 28x16

£410.00 Regular Price
£348.50Sale Price

28x16" / 711x406mm usable space

100% hardwood frame

Dovetail joinery

Hinged top board for internal storage

Plywood top and base boards

1/4" / 6.35mm jack sockets and plugs

IEC socket and lead

Laser engraved logo

Rubber feet

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