The Tailor Pro Special Reserve 18.5x13

The Tailor Pro Special Reserve 18.5x13


Special Reserve: exotic hardwood for a unique board


Taking inspiration from my most popular model, The Journeyman, the 18.5x13" Tailor Pro is the perfect sized grab-and-go board.  With enough space for two full rows on top, and another row inside (plus your power), this is a truly tiny-but-mighty board.  


Either sat on the top board, or recessed within the frame, 18.5" wide is ideal for G3 and ES8 users.  Recessing the switcher - any switcher - can make for a more comfortable playing position.  But with the space inside for pedals, you're not limiting your options.


Internal height stands at around 104mm (a little over 4"), tapering down to the front.


The hardcase is included in the price.  Just choose your tolex & tweed.


Audio in & out, and the IEC inlet are also included.  These have the associated cables internally, so you can simply plug and play.


Additional sockets - XLR, USB, MIDI etc - are available via the Accessories page.


Custom sizes are available.  Please drop me a message via the Custom page if you'd like to discuss a custom build.

  • Specifications

    18.5x13" / 469x330mm usable space

    100% hardwood frame

    Dovetail joinery

    Hinged top board for internal storage

    Plywood top and base boards

    1/4" / 6.35mm jack sockets and plugs

    IEC socket and lead

    Laser engraved logo

    Rubber feet

  • Woods

    - Flamed Maple

    - Quilted Maple

    - Panga Panga

    - Spalted Sycamore

    - Wenge

    - Zebrano

    These 6 are the standard choices.  Please let me know if you would like anything different.

    Please note, stocks of my suppliers vary, and some may not be available at any given time.  Feel free to email me to check availability.

  • Tolex & Tweed


    Black | Cream | Vox Fawn | Brown | Blue



    Black | Grey | Cream | Blue | Light Brown | Dark Brown | Maroon

Ensure all options have been selected to update price

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