The perfect board for the travelling musician. Small enough to be hand luggage on the majority of major airlines, and light enough to carry around, the Journeyman allows you to take all of your essential sounds in a small, compact format.

Built and designed around our leading model, The Earl, The Journeyman features a solid hardwood frame, a hardcase as standard, beautiful dovetail joinery and a hinged top board for a second layer of pedals and power.

The Cutout top board is perfect for G2 and ES8 users. There is space to nestle your controller on the base board (including using the MIDI out in the G2) and house your pedals on the top and underneath. What easier way to keep everything neat and tidy?

Add additional jacks sockets using the drop menu; ideal for stereo and wet/dry setups.  Add more specialist connections (XLR, USB etc) through the Accessories page.


And to make your board something truly unique, add a second wood species to the side.  Contrast the two to make your standout centre-piece.


Tolex Choices:  Black | Cream | Maroon | Royal Blue | Vox Fawn

Tweed Choices: Black | Cream | Maroon | Dark Grey | Blue 

If there is something more specific you would like, please do message us.  Most colours are covered in the price, except for Fender Tweed.


The Journeyman


- 18.5x13" board (470x330mm). 4" front (standard)

- Max Internal clearance: 79mm
- 80mm clearance inside case
- PedalPatch Solderless cables ins and outs
- Weight (no pedals): 6 to 7kg, species dependant.
- Leatherette handle
- Corner protectors
- Rubber feet on case & board

- Provided with appropriate length of heavy duty self adhesive Velcro loop

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