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The Earl

Special Reserve

Bring something truly special and unique to your board with The Special Reserve range.  Using exotic woods from around the world, each pieces has a stunning and unique character, that will make your board the centre piece of any line up.  Make sure to check the Woods page for examples of each species available.

Perfect for Switchers

Switchers have become a key component of modern pedalboards.  The Earl is designed to make the most of your switcher, offering cutouts for recessing it in the frame for a more comfortable playing angle.  Coupled with internal storage for more pedals, it's ideal for the 'mothership'.


Hinged Top Board

The Earl was the start of my hinged boards.  Offering storage for power supplies, cable routing and more pedals.  Held securely by two 6kg-pull magnets.


Dovetail Construction

All of my frames use Dovetail joinery.  This is likely the most beautiful of joints, and provides a strong and stable frame for all environments.


Plug & Play

All Earls come with audio in & out pre-installed; 1/4" socket on the outside, lead and plug on the inside.  In addition to the installed IEC lead, just set up your pedals and start playing.

Standard Specifications:

12mm sides,, 9mm lid birch ply

Dovetail Joinery

Your Choice of Tolex & Tweed

80mm Clearance above board frame

Penn Elcom carpet lining

Penn Elcom protective corners

Leatherette Handle

Leather Retaining Straps

Choose Your Size

18x7 Small copy.png
18x7 Loaded Small copy.png
24x14 Small copy.png
24x14 Loaded Small.png
28x16 Small copy.png
28x16 Loaded Small copy.png
36x18 Small copy.png
36x18 Loaded Small copy.png
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