Walnut & Lacewood Journeyman - Ex Demo

Walnut & Lacewood Journeyman - Ex Demo

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As my expo show year has come to an end, I'm letting all of the demo boards venture off to new homes, rather than taking up shelf space in my shop.


This Journeyman is the first.  Literally.  This was THE first Journeyman I built, and was my board a quite a while.  As such, it has a few scars from modifications, updates, age and doing the rounds, but is in very fine condition.  Walnut front, and Lacewood (London Plain) back and sides; a stunning 2-tone board.


It comes with 2 outs, ideal for dual-mono or stereo setups.  It's housed in the prototype Duchess-style case, in Marshall Green & Brown with gold piping.  This case fully envelopes the board, for additional protection when out on the road.


This is a little piece of A&A history.  Treat her well.

  • Specifications

    - 100% hardwood frame (Walnut & Lacewood)

    - Dovetail joinery

    - 18.5x13" (458x330mm approx) useable area

    - Hinged top board

    - Audio in & out included

    - IEC (C13) included

    - Duchess case (Green & Brown) included

    - Sold as seen.  

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