Walnut & Blue Tailor Pro

Walnut & Blue Tailor Pro


Available now.  18.5x13" Tailor Pro in Walnut & Blue.


The Tailor Pro is turning out to be this year's big-seller.  And it's clear to see why.  Combining hardwood and tolex creates a unique and striking aesthetic, unlike any other board on the market.


Included with the board:

- Matching hardcase

- IEC input

- Audio in & out

- Hinged top board

- Enough self-adhesive loop velcro

  • Specifications

    - Hardwood (Walnut) & Plywood frame

    - Dovetail joinery

    - 18.5x13" usable space

    - 5" (127mm) frame gives approx 100mm internal clearance max.

    - IEC and Audio connections

    - Hardcase included

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