Dress to impress.


The Tailor is the best-dressed board option.  Inspired by my cases, you can combine tolex and tweed in any combination to create something completely unique.  Using birch ply for the frame, rather than hardwood, brings the price down, but never the quality.  Strong, rugged and highly durable.


The 4 inch frame gives internal space for all your pedals and power.  Through the hinged platform, you can run your cables, power and those "always on" pedals underneath, saving the top for those essential pedals.


Available in 4 standard sizes - 18.5x13", 24x14", 28x16" and 36x18".  All include a matching hardcase.


Customise your ins and outs from the selection in the Accessories page, making your board perfect to control your rig.


Suggestions for tolex & tweed are in the info box to the side, but if there's anything specific you want, just let me know.

The Tailor


- Frame Height: External: 4" (102mm) to 2" (52mm).  Internal: 88mm to 30mm.

- Hinged top board, fixed base board

- Matching hardcase included

- Audio in & out included (PedalPatchUK solderless)

- IEC socket & internal lead included

- Provided with appropriate length of extra strong self adhesive Velcro loop.

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