The Special Reserve range uses the lesser-seen woods from around the world.  If you're after something truly "stand out", you're in good company.


The Gentleman: Special Reserve is the classic tapered board, using a select range of exotic hardwoods.  These are amazing woods, guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone in the audience, not just the gear-nerds.  All woods are hand-selected, and assured by our suppliers for their ethical sourcing.


The Gentleman is ideal for the studio, or if you only ever need to access the pedals on top.  It differs from the Earl in that there is no base, and a fixed top.  It comes with a shelf underneath to house your power supply, to keep it off the top, but if interal storage is what you need, you'll want the Earl.


You can choose from one or two of the following woods.  Take a look at the "Woods" page for more detail on each species:

- Bocote

- Mango

- Ovangkol

- Panga Panga

- Spalted Sycamore

- Zebrano


Stocks of these woods can vary, so please do message me to ensure I can get the wood you want before ordering.


Add a hardcase to your order to ensure your board is protected when traveling.  Ideal for anything from practice to national touring (even international if you're not flying), the hardcase will ensure your pedals are well protected.  You can customise the finish, choosing from the following range of tolex and tweed colours, to perfectly suit your board.  See the Hardcase page for more details.


Remember to add all of the ins and outs you need from the Accessories page.  From TRS jacks to MIDI and USB, you can fully customise the connections for your board.


Tolex: Black, Cream, Sand, Vox Fawn, Royal Blue


Tweed: Black, Cream, Grey, Brown, Blue, Maroon


Remember, everything is customisable.  If you would like a custom size, a wood not listed, or anything else, just drop me an email and we'll get it sorted.

The Gentleman: Special Reserve

£250.00 Regular Price
£212.50Sale Price
Ins & Outs
Second Species

- 100% 3/4" hardwood frame

- Birch Ply top board (12mm)

- Audio connections: PedalPatch solderless cables and plugs

- IEC (male socket to female lead & plug)

- PSU shelf (internally)

- Rubber feet

- Laser engraved A&A logo

- Finished in Tru Oil

- All measurements are for the Velcro area.  For the full floor space, add 1.5" to each dimension.

- Internal height: approx 35mm to 88mm

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