The Esquire is our take on the beloved flatboard.  Fitted with all the trimmings of the Earl (built in IEC and audio in & out), the Esquire is a great space-saving option.  You can still choose the perfect size for your needs without the additional height.


There is still space to mount your power supply underneath the board, and tuck those cables away; not wasting a single square-centimetre of the top board.


Add more inputs or outputs to run a wet/dry, wet/wet or even wet/dry/wet setup.  Don't forget to visit the Accessories page to choose from the extra ins and outs for maximum flexibility.


Add a second species of wood to your board to really stand out.  Choose one that compliments the first, sit back, and marvel at the beauty! Walnut and Maple, Ash & many possible combinations!


Our hardcases are made of 12mm ply, and are completely customisable.  Choose from the following colours of tolex and tweed to fully complete your board:


Tolex: Black, Cream, Sand, Vox Fawn, Royal Blue


Tweed: Black, Cream, Grey, Brown, Blue, Maroon


Remember to add all of the ins and outs you need from the Accessories page.  From TRS jacks to MIDI and USB, you can fully customise the connections for your board.


The Esquire: Standard


- 100% hardwood frame: 64mm (2.5") high

- Dovetail joinery

- 43mm internal clearance

- Removable top board

- PedalPatchUK solderless cables in & out audio jacks

- Available with or without a hardcase

- Rubber feet

- Laser engraved A&A badge

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