The Earl is our take on the now beloved tapered board.  Ideal for those who need a little more space, the Earl's hinged top board allows for internal storage of cables, power supplies and even more pedals.  Featuring dovetail joinery on our hand-chosen traditional carpentry hardwoods, you are guaranteed to have a board at the highest level of aesthetic prowess.


Choose from our range of 6 traditional hardwoods, then add all of the inputs and outputs you need to make the board perfect for your needs.  Choose the perfect size for you collection, and we're set.


Using a switcher?  The Earl is ideal for G2/3, ES8 or any other switcher.  Whether it's mounted on top, or you what a cutout to recess it inside, the size, internal storage and two-tier setup are perfect for all switchers.


Remember to add all of the ins and outs you need from the Accessories page.  From TRS jacks to MIDI and USB, you can fully customise the connections for your board.


Choose your colours from the list below:


Tolex: Black, Cream, Sand, Vox Fawn, Royal Blue


Tweed: Black, Cream, Grey, Brown, Blue, Maroon


Remember, everything is customisable.  If you want a wood not shown, or a size or connection not listed, you simply need email me and we'll get what you need.


The Earl: Standard



- 3/4" solid hardwood frame.

- Hinged top board (12mm birch ply)

- Fixed base board (9mm birch ply)

- Dovetail joinery

- PedalPatchUK solderless cables audio in and out

- IEC with female cable

- Finished with Tru-Oil

- Provided with appropriate length of heavy duty self adhesive Velcro loop

- Internal clearance: approx 30 - 80mm, front to back

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