The Duchess

The Duchess


The Dutchess case range brings our unique case design to all brands of pedalboard.


Made of 12mm birch ply, and covered in high quality tolex and tweed, you can now design your own custom hardcase for your pedalboard.  Choose from a large range of tolex and tweed combinations to make yours truly unique.


The base of the case is designed so you can simple lift off the lid (from the removable hinges), plug in and play.  Couple this with one of my Hardwood Junction Boxes, and setting up / breaking down will never have been so fast and easy.


Each case is built to allow 80mm mimimum clearance internally, so even the tallest of pedals will fit on your board.


Just select your model from the drop down menu.  If your board isn't listed, just email me and I'll send you custom quote.  There's no surcharge for this.


Please note: there is no affiliation with any of the pedalboard brands listed here.  Any names / logos used are the property of their respective copyright owners.

  • Tolex & Tweed


    Black | Cream | Vox Fawn | Brown | Blue



    Black | Grey | Cream | Blue | Light Brown | Dark Brown | Maroon

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