The Special Reserve collection brings forth the most stunning, unique selection of cabinets.  Alongside our Special Reserve collection of pedalboards, and our custom amp rehousing, here you can complete you fully customised backline, creating personalised setup that will be the evny of all fellow musicians.


All cabinets are constructed of real hardwoods, with dovetail joinery for classical aesthetics and modern robustness, fit for taking on the road.  Finished in Tru-Oil (a polyurethane / linseed oil hybrid) for a traditional appearance with more durability than some other finishes.


All cabinets are provided with one jack socket and wires, though come unloaded (no speakers).  If you would like us to provide the speakers for you, and break them in, please email us in advance -




- 1x12 cabinet.

- 500x500mm, 250mm deep.

- 18mm cabinet and baffle.

- Dovetail construction.

- M6 Tee-nuts fitted.

- Input 1/4" jack socket.

- Speaker wire supplied.

- Open or closed back option.

Special Reserve: 1x12 Cabinet

Grill Cloth

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