Ex-Demo.  Save 15%!!! Was £500, now £425.


The perfect board for G2 and ES8 users.  Run all of your "must have" pedals with your switcher, in a compact footprint.


Available now is this absolutely beautiful Spalted Sycamore Journeyman Grande.  Spalted woods are characterised by their unique and contrasting grain, created by a dry-rot from resting in water for too long.  Don't worry - the wood is stable!  This process creates the stunning waves and lines of dark vs light, something traditional woods can only dream on living up to.


As with all of my boards, this features audio in and out (thanks to Pedal Patch solderless cables), and a built in IEC.  It also includes the pictured hardcase.  


The top board is currently the "Half Board" option; ideal for G2 and ES8 users, this allows the switcher to sit on the base inside the board, with all of your pedals mounted on top and underneath.  This can be changed to a full board at no cost.


Maximum tone in minimal footprint.


The Journeyman Grande takes the Journeyman to new heights; increaing the usable area from 18.5x13" to 18.5x17", and adding an additional inch in height.  This allows for more pedals on top and inside, perfect for G2 and ES8 users.


Additional ins and outs are available, either with the drop down menu, or through the Accessories page.

Spalted Sycamore Journeyman Grande

Ins & Outs
Top Board

Journeyman Grande

Internal Dims: 18.5x17" (470x432mm)

Internal Height: approx 4" (101mm), decreasing with taper

Frame Dims: 20x18.5" (509x470mm)

100% Hardwood frame

Provided with Half Top Board.  Change to Full is available

Audio In & Out (Pedal Patch UK solderless)


Includes pictured Hardcase

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