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Spalted Alder T-Style Scratchplate

Spalted Alder T-Style Scratchplate


Add a touch of hardwood to your Telecaster (or T-style guitar) with a hardwood scratchplate.


Designed to fit any T-style guitar with a 5-hole scratchplate and body-mounted neck pickup.  Full specs are below.


I have 3 Spalted Alder scratchplates available at a reduced price.  These were the first off the table, and aren't 100% perfect.  The template had a notch I missed, so the edge is a little bumpy on the top horn.  One has a small amount of planer-tearout - see notes below - so this one is cheaper still.


If you would like one made from a different wood, or to fit a different style guitar, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Scratchplate details


No1: uneven edge across the top

No2: uneven edge across the top

No3: uneven edge across the top, and some planer-tearout on the lower bout

  • Specifications

    - Suitable for a 1950-59 T-Style guitar similar

    - 5 hole design

    - No neck pickup mounting holes

    - Neck pocket: 54mm

    - Control Panel pocket: 32mm

    - 2.5mm thick

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