Sometimes our old friends need a little TLC.  The road can be an unfriendly place to our amps and cabs, so a change of suit can be more than welcome.


Whether you want to simply spruce-up your amp to its former glory, or to re-cover it with something completely custom, I'll be happy to help.


I have a large range of tolex and tweeds available.  If you are after something specific, just let me know and we can arrange it.  Please note that traditional Fender Tweed will incur a charge, as it's damn expensive!


Pricing includes labour and materials.  Simply select the type of enclosure you want recovered, and fill in the box with the colour of tolex and tweed (if you want it) that you want used.  All details can be confirmed via email, when we arrange delivery of your amp / cab to me.  Once it's complete, I'll send it back to you, free of charge.


If you'd like to discuss options before ordering, please do not hesitate to email me.

  • Build Time

    Please allow up to 4 weeks for completion.  This allows time for materials to arrive, for the other orders I am working on, and to see the family once in a while.

    You will be updated throughtout the build.  Once complete, I will send the tracking information for the return postage (tracked, signed for and fully insured) unless you are collecting.

Ensure all options have been selected to update price

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