Browsing through the internet, as you do, I found a this stunning piece of quilted maple.  So I did what any sane wood worker would do, and grabbed it!


So now, it's your chance.  This stunning Quilted Maple & Walnut Journeyman Special Reserve is up for sale, at £50 less than a standard order.


As per all Journeyman boards, it comes with the audio in & out, IEC inlet and a case.  Currently, the case is built but unfinished, so you can choose the tolex & tweed covering to suit your aesthetic.


Additional sockets are available as well.  Head to the Accessories page, or drop me an email if you'd like to discuss options.


This is your chance to grab a stunning board at a great price.

Quilted Maple & Walnut Journeyman Special Reserve


- 100% hardwood frame

- Dovetail joinery

- 18.5x13" usable area

- Audio in & out included (PedalPatchUK solderless)

- IEC inlet (C13-C14)

- Hinged top board with routed slots for cable management

- Case included (to be finished to your spec)

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