Wiring is as important to tone as the pedals you choose.  Poor quality patch leads will affect the high frequencies, taking away highs and making your tone muddy and unclear. 


I use Pedal Patch solderless cables on all of my boards for their low impedence and high quality connections.  This ensures your tone stays as clean and true as possible, no matter how many pedals you use.


We will construct a customised wiring diagram, maximising your layout for optimal playing comfort.  From there, I will custom cut and wire all cables for minimal signal length, and maximising tone.  


Power diagrams and wiring are also available.  Though I do not stock power supplies, I will happily discuss the best options for your board, and can provide them as an additional accessory for cost.


If wiring up your board is something that does not appeal, I'll happily do it for you.  You can just sit back, relax, and when it's done, simply plug and play.


Pricing is for time and labour.  Once we've decided on the best cables and plugs for your board, I will send a separate invoice for the parts.  Pedals will have to be sent to me.  Upon ordering, we can arrange the delivery.

Pedalboard Wiring


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