Paduak Tailor Pro 24x14 - Ex Demo

Paduak Tailor Pro 24x14 - Ex Demo

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£252.45Sale Price

As my expo shows year has come to a close, I'm letting the demos boards venture off to new homes.  No longer shall they take up shelf space in my shop!


This rather stunning Paduak & Cream Tailor Pro is up for sale at 15% normal retail.  Currently, is doesn't have a case, but you can opt for one in whatever colours you'd like, and I'll get it built for you. 


Shipping will be within a couple of days if you take it as seen, or a couple of weeks if you opt for a case.  Still a lot faster than the 3+ month wait on a custom order.


If you have any questions, please email me.

  • Specifications

    - Hardwood (Paduak) & plywood frame

    - Dovetail joinery

    - Hinged top board

    - 24x14" (609x350mm approx) useable space

    - Audio in & out included

    - IEC (C13) included

    - Optional case (additional charge)

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