Compact, portable and flexible, the Journeyman Grande is ideal for those who need just a little more space for those extra pedals.


With a 18.5x17" top board, you can fit 3 full rows of pedals on top.  Add this to the 5" height, making room for another row inside, and you can get every desirable tonal option into a compact package.


The 18.5" width is ideal for switcher users.  With or without the cutout, the ES8 or G2 fit snuggly on the front row, leaving space for 2 rows of pedals on top, and one more underneath.


Add additional jack sockets for Stereo or Wet/Dry setups from the drop menu.  Add more specialist connections (XLR, USB etc) from the Accessories page.  


And why not make it that bit more special?  Add a second species of wood to the sides, creating a stunning contrast and unique aesthetic.  Add Maple to Walnut, or Ash to Mahogany to create your standout centre-piece.


Designed for the road, the Journeyman Grande is a rugged companion for any traveling musician.

Journeyman Grande

£450.00 Regular Price
£405.00Sale Price
Top Board
Second Species
Ins & Outs

- 100% 3/4" hardwood frame 

- 5" height (standard model is 4")

- Dovetail joinery

- Top Board: 18.5x17" (Full) / 12.5x17" (Half, leaving 6" for your switcher)

- 1 input, 1 output and IEC socket included

- Case included (12mm dovetailed birch ply)

- Carpet-lined case to protect your board and pedals

- Weight: 8-10kg unloaded 


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