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Introducing my latest line: hardwood control pedals.  Bringing the beauty of hardwood to all boards, everywhere.


Choose from the model range listed, and customise it with a select choice of woods and coloured LEDs.  Match your amp's lights, or go for something ridiculous.


Until the beginning of June I will be offering these at 50% off for pre-order.  Each model will be limited to 5 for now, just whilst I get everything set up.  If your choice is already gone, just email me and I'll put you on the list for the second batch.


These will be built to order.  All pre-orders will be dispatched by the end of June.



A/B: Ideal for switching between two amps, or switching between two guitar into one amp.  Different coloured LEDs for each output.


A/B/Y: Like the A/B pedal, but with the option of running both outputs at the same time.  Earth lift and phase reverse.  Different coloured LEDs for each output.


Tap Tempo: For quick tempo changes on the fly.  TRS out, includes a polarity switch so it will work with all pedals equiped for external control.


Single Switcher: Perfect for simple 2 channel amps, like Orange and some Marshalls.  LED and polarity switch included.


Dual Switcher: For those amps with more than one switchable option.  Control your reverb and tremolo, channel and boost; any combination that uses a TRS cable.  Different coloured LEDs for each control.


1to2 Splitter (non iso): Similar to the A/B switch, but without the switching option.  Run dual mono, or split the single after your drive pedals for wet/dry.  Non-isolated output.  Includes ground lift and phase reverse.


Patchbay:  Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 I/O.  Each socket is a TRS, to maximise the flexibility.  Sockets are top-mounted to minimise size.


Hardwood Control Pedals - Pre Order


A/B: 110x70x40mm (landscape)

A/B/Y: 110x70x40m (landscape)

Tap Tempo: 100x60x40mm (portrait)

Single Switcher: 100x60x40mm (portrait)

Dual Switcher: 110x70x40mm (landscape)

1to2 Splitter (non iso): 110x70x40 (landscape)


- 2 I/O: 60x60x40mm

- 3 I/O: 80x60x40mm

- 4 I/O: 100x60x40mm

- 5 I/O: 120x60x40mm

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