What does every well-dressed gentleman need?  A fine, tailored jacket. 


Lighter than the flightcase option, our hardcases are perfect for local gigging, and for those who are more weight-conscious.  Keeping our aesthetic prowess, each case is specifically fitted to your board, and is available in the following range of tolex and tweed finishes:


Tolex: Black, Cream, Sand, Vox Fawn, Royal Blue


Tweed: Black, Cream, Grey, Brown, Blue, Maroon


All come with a complementary coloured handle, leather straps, piping and corner protectors.


If there's a tolex or tweed you would like your case covered in, please do let us know before ordering, and we'll send you a customised quote.


Please note: These cases are not designed for transport in plane holds.  They will protect from general knocks and bangs, but will not withstand international touring in aeroplane holds to the same degree as the flightcases.



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