English Sycamore Journeyman Grande - B Stock

English Sycamore Journeyman Grande - B Stock

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Due to a cancelled order, this English Sycamore Journeyman Grande is now for sale.  It is brand new off my bench; it didn't even make it out of the door, but comes with a 10% discount.


Sycamore is a sutbly stunning wood.  Similar to maple in hue, with a tighter grain, its warm pale tones are beautifully offset by the brash blue-on-cream case.   


The Journeyman Grande is ideal for those with a switcher, or those who need more in a small footprint.  The 18.5x17" top usable area allows for 3 rows of five Boss-sized pedals.  The taller 5" gives clearance for another row of pedals internally, plus your power and anything else you need hidden.


This board comes with the 'half board', for a G2/3 or ES8.   If you would prefer a full top board, please email me and let me know.

  • Specifications

    - 100% hardwood (English Sycamore) frame

    - Dovetail joinery

    - 18.5x17" usable area (18.5x6" cutout)

    - Audio in & out included

    - IEC socket and internal cable included

    - Case included (Cream & Blue)

    - Comes with 2m of self-adhesive loop Velcro

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