Cherry Earl 24x14" - ex demo

Cherry Earl 24x14" - ex demo

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I'm parting ways with this stunning Cherry Earl.  It's done a few tradeshows, so it's offered to you for at a discount.  


Cherry has one beautiful quality; as it ages, the hue darkens, becoming richer and warmer.  Just watch as the grain gets deeper and more contrasted.


The Earl is ideal for switcher-users and tap-dancers alike.  With space for over a dozen Boss-sized pedals on top, and more space inside via the hinged top, it covers enough real estate for all of your tones.


This board comes with a bonus; the self-switching 4 Cable Method interface.  You can run all of your pedals straight into the front of an amp, or have your time-based effects in an FX loop, just by using different sockets on the outside.  It also comes with a TS-through, for a second amp or control cable.


Grab yourself a stunning board at a great price.  

  • Specifications

    - 100% hardwood frame (Cherry)

    - Dovetail joinery

    - 24x14" (606x356mm approx) usable space

    - Hinged top gives access to internal storage

    - Audio & Power inlets included

    - 4CM patchbay included

    - Case included (Fender Tweed & Brown)

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