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Available now: 24x14" Ash & Panga Panga Earl, with or without a case.


This is something rather cool.  The Ash and Panga Panga contrast and compliment each other beautifully, creating a stunning and unique board.  

Measuring 24x14" (velcro area), there is plenty of space for a large number of boards.  Ideal for G2 and ES8 users, who space for a plethora of pedals, including volume and/or expression.


As with all Earls, it has a hinged top board.  This gives you access to the internal space, for storing your PSU, running your cables, and housing more pedals.  


Audio in & out, and the IEC, are included.


If you want / need more connections, simply select the number of jack sockets you need from the dropdown menu, or visit the Accessories page to add XLR, MIDI, USB or more.


The case is not yet finished, so you can choose the tolex and tweed combination.  The options are listed in the info tab to the side; you can choose any combination at no extra charge.  If there's a specific option not listed there, just drop me an email.


With the case, you'll receive this within 2 weeks of ordering.  That's at least 6 weeks faster than a custom order!

Ash & Panga Panga Earl

£490.00 Regular Price
£392.00Sale Price
Ins & Outs


- Black

- Cream

- Vox Fawn

- Sand Bronco

- Royal Blue



- Black

- Cream

- Grey

- Brown

- Maroon

- Green

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